To adapt the licensed sports industry to the 24/7 on-demand economy, Fanatics introduced a new, innovative model called Vertical Commerce or v-commerce, which is the next generation of e-commerce. The brainchild of Fanatics Executive Chairman and internet entrepreneur Michael Rubin, v-commerce is owning, designing, producing and distributing our own exclusive merchandise, allowing Fanatics to sell unique, specialized and differentiated products that cannot be commoditized by the Internet.

V-commerce requires speed – and the ability to use tech and data to be nimble enough to reach fans in the exact moment that passion is highest, especially in an industry as unpredictable as sports where players and teams can become overnight sensations. This new model has allowed Fanatics to significantly broaden its roster of global partners who are looking to grow their direct-to-consumer businesses and find a better way to meet the growing real-time demand of their fan bases by providing incredible speed to market of merchandise across all retail channels.

V-commerce has also been the backbone of several transformative deals Fanatics has signed with the sports world’s preeminent leagues, including a new groundbreaking deal with the NFL and Nike. Effective 2020, Fanatics will use its vertical manufacturing capabilities to design, manufacture and distribute all Nike fan gear sold at retail, putting a wider assortment of timely merchandise across categories into the hands of fans and retailers faster than ever before.