A tech company at heart, the investments Fanatics is making in data, predictive analytics, mobile, cloud commerce and on-demand manufacturing, not only makes it easier than ever for fans to find the product they’re looking for at the exact moment they want it, but is also growing the industry by making more team gear available to more people, especially for the previously underserved market of displaced sports fans spread out across the globe.

Mobile also continues to play a bigger role in consumer shopping behavior, especially among sports fans who grab the closest device to them when big moments happen. A phone-first company, Fanatics continues to innovate m-commerce through personalization, responsive design, testing and investments to enhance both its mobile optimized web sites and top-rated app (5*).  These enhancements include improved navigation, faster screen loading times and larger product images, less friction points at checkout, enhanced search functionality and improved product rankings – leading to mobile accounting for upwards of 70% of all sales around big sports moments, drastically outpacing the retail industry.

Vertical commerce requires agility and speed – and not just any kind of speed, but the ability to use tech and data to be nimble enough to reach fans in the exact moment that passion is highest, especially in an industry as unpredictable as sports where players and teams can become overnight sensations.

Knowing how important tech and analytics will be to innovating the industry globally, Fanatics opened a West Coast HQ in Silicon Valley and a Technology Innovation Center in Hyderabad, India, to tap into elite talent and focus on advancing our mobile and data capabilities in two of the hottest tech hubs in the world.