Holding partnerships with more than 150 colleges, universities and conferences, Fanatics College understands the deep-burning fan passion that lies within the collegiate sports industry. To grow its portfolio and provide schools with the most talented brand and portfolio managers across retail sectors, Fanatics acquired Fermata, one of the preeminent college brand management and consulting companies. Injecting Fermata’s expertise of the landscape with Fanatics’ end-to-end manufacturing and omnichannel retail solutions, Fanatics College brings fans closer to the schools they love across all retail channels, both on gameday and beyond.

Fanatics College has hired a team of merchandise and marketing experts to provide partners with a better way to connect directly with their fans and alumni with specialties in e-commerce, omnichannel arena and stadium retail operations, and brand management services. Coupled with Fanatics’ design and manufacturing services, partners are given access to the company’s vertical manufacturing capabilities to quickly access unique items tied to the biggest moments in school history – from Championships to rivalry games, upsets and buzzer-beaters.