As a company, Fanatics aims to kindle and ignite passion in the fans we outfit, celebrate, and support. That’s only possible, however, if we can come together as a team and execute our vision with championship-caliber excellence, fueled by a passion of our own. For many of us, it wells from an undying love of sports, but an office of jocks we are not. Sports is neither the exclusive topic of watercooler conversation, nor the sole wellspring of passionate work here at Fanatics. Curiosity and innovative thinking, agile creativity, an overall commitment to consistently excellent work—these together motivate our mission to amplify the already-abundant pride in the hearts of all those countless fans.
Sound exciting? We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team, and we strive to provide an environment that will renew your motivation daily. You will be challenged, so you can end your workday satisfied with your accomplishments, but still have time to enjoy your colleagues over coffee or a pint. We are One Fanatics—built upon the cohesive, collaborative relationships of its talented individuals. We win as a team.
We have fun, and we work hard. Fanatics has a lot to offer, and we know you do too.
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